The slogan of The MATHmechanic is: "We teach questions".

The asking of questions are so important that we call it the secret of success in Mathematics, and it is one of he most important skills that we can teach our students, more than any calculations or algebra or trigonometry.

Obviously then we need to create a platform where our students can ask their questions, and there is nothing better than WhatsApp for this....students can send their questions as photos, text or voice notes, and by chatting with them we can very easily determine where the brakdown points are, so that it can be addressed.

A big advantage of WhatsApp is that the students technically have access to help with their Mathematics every day, rather than traditional "extra classes" where they get help only once per week.

The idea of a place where you can chat easily with someone also lends itself to service delivery - now the students and their parents can easily chat with a human who can help to solve passwords or technical issues.