How does it work?
e-Learning is not like traditional "extra classes". It uses innovative technology to be available to students EVERY DAY, rather than just once per week.

The point of departure is the assumption that the student hs a question about something in Mathematics, and this questions, when asked to the MATHmechanic, kickstarts the whole process that is UNIQUE and INDIVIDUAL to each student.
Are there specific times that we may not send questions?
No, the WhatsApp platform is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Our only condition is that we cannot promise to respond immediately, but we undertake to answer as soon as the opportunity presents itself.
What does it cost?
Our standard price is R600 per month, and it is month-to-month.

If you are prepared to enroll for a minimum period of 36 months (or the end of Grade 12 if it comes first) and also agree to pay via debit order, we offer the tutor-on-call, Back to Basics video-database, the etutor facility and the RazorMaths online tests for only R230 per month.
Is there a demo-period to test it?
For sure!

We are accutely aware that this way in which we are handling Mathematics tutoring is a new concept...most people still think of "extra classes" where they must take the children somewhere one-per-week for an hour, and we come with a brand new approach: We are available for the students every day, every time they have Maths questions!

This, however, requires that students must be willing to ask questions, and have the discipline and sense of responsibility to use what we offer. This e-Learning approach therefore does not work for everyone, but if you are unsure, please request a demo period. We offer up to a month for free so that you can see if it will work for you.
The process, sumamrized quickly, is as follows:
  1. The student contacts us via WhatsApp with a question
  2. This question is discussed thoroughly to find out where exactly the breakdown point is, because it could be techniques from previous grades....
  3. The student is taken through a few processes (on WhatsApp) to see if the question can be answered.
  4. If not a video from the Back-to-Basics database is the suggested to be watched first. After that the work on the original question is continued.
  5. If the right or relevant video does not exist it is created for the student using the etutor-facility.