The mathsBOX is a collection of everything that we can give you to help with Mathematics – everything on one page so that you can easily and immediately choose what you want to use.

I is based on “Jimmy’s 1% Law”, which states that, if you really want to excel at something you should spend 1% of your day on it.
And 1% of your day is 14 minutes and 24 seconds.

Therefore we have formulated a plan that you must spend 1% of your day, each day, on Mathematics, and we call it 15 Minutes Math.

It is like drinking your multi-vitamins or medicine each day!

Our platform and our company.
Our company's name is Internet Learning Solutions (Pty) Ltd.
We specialize in e-Learning and specifically e-Learning for school learners. We have our own Moodle LMS on which we present video-courses and online tests.
Who is the MATHmechanic?
The "MATHmechanic" is the brand that we use to refer to our tutors. When you are speaking to the MATHmechanic you are indeed in a conversation and interaction with our specialist tutors.

We focus HEAVILY on the following: "WE TEACH QUESTIONS" because the secret of success in Mathematics lie in asking questions, and that is the most important thing that we can teach you - namely how to ask questions. That is then also why we put so much emphasis on creating platforms where you can ask questions at any time.
Frequently Asked Questions
Here we list the most common questions that people have asked us.
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Read wha our students and their parents have said about us.
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Contact us
If you need to get in touch with us.
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Enroll with us
How does it work to enroll with us, and what packages are available?
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Our Facebook group
We have a Facebook group where we post interesting videos or information about online tests periodically. Feel free to join and then you can participate in the conversations!
Here you can get online tests and revision papers for all the grades.
Back to Basics video database
Our database of thousands of videos are available for our students to watch.
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If we do not have the right or relevant video to help our students we will make one right there and then, if needed!
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If we put so much emphasis on the fact that our students must ask questions then surely it is important to create a platform for them where they can ask the questions everyday - rather than arranging for a "class" once per week.
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This is our "multi-player" online game where players use their mental skills to get the most points on the board.
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Revision exercises and past papers
Here we regularly list tests and past papers that are available freely on the internet, for extra practice.
Online classes and contact sessions
Do you feel that eery now-and-then, or regularly (like once per week), it is necessary to have an online class with the MATHmechanic?
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Would it not be nice to have a textbook that explains itself? We regularly write modules for different sections of the work, in a typical texbook style with definitions, examples and exercises, and each one is explained with a video where you can just click to view.
The RazorMaths App
In our app you can get any of the tests that we worked out, with the video-explanation of each question, only a click away!
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Physical Science
We can help you with the questions that you have in Physics and Chemistry!
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It is so easy to become a computer programmer with ChatGPT that it actually feels like cheating. We help our students to get these processes right by asking the right questions - which is what we also teach them in Mathematics!
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Who is the type of student we work with?
The student that we want to work with the most, is someone who can backchat, form arguments and ask lots of questions!
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